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N male crimp for RG 58 Cable RF Coaxial Connectors
rg58 n connector,Micro RF Coaxial Connectors,n type male connector

N male crimp for RG 58 Cable RF Coaxial Connectors

As a trusted supplier of n type male connectors and micro RF Coaxial Connectors, we specialize in providing high-quality rg58 n connectors. Our n type male connectors offer outstanding electrical performance and superior anti-vibration capabilities. Designed for RG58 cables, rg58 n connector ensure efficient and reliable signal transmission, even in demanding environments.Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of n type male connectors,micro RF Coaxial Connectors and experience the quality and versatility they offer.
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As a reputable n type male connector manufacturer, we specialize in providing high-quality rg58 n connectors.Our rg58 n connectors are specifically designed to offer excellent electrical performance and exceptional resistance to vibrations. With our expertise in manufacturing connectors, we are dedicated to supplying rg58 n connectors that meet the stringent requirements of various industries, emphasizing their superior anti-vibration capabilities and outstanding electrical performance.

1.RG58 N Connector: Exceptional Electrical Performance

Our RG58 N connectors are engineered to deliver outstanding electrical performance. Designed to provide reliable and high-quality RF connections, these connectors ensure efficient and low-loss signal transmission.Rg58 n connector are compatible with RG58 cables, which are widely used in telecommunications, test and measurement equipment, and industrial applications. The N type male connector offers a secure and reliable mating interface, ensuring consistent signal integrity and minimizing signal degradation.

2.Micro RF Coaxial Connectors: Compact and Versatile

Our micro RF coaxial connectors are known for their compact size and versatility. These connectors are suitable for applications that require miniaturization and space-saving solutions without compromising performance. The micro size allows for high-density installations and facilitates the integration of RF components into compact devices. With their exceptional electrical characteristics, our micro RF coaxial connectors are ideal for various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, medical devices, and consumer electronics.

3.Superior Anti-Vibration Performance

Vibrations can pose significant challenges to RF connections, potentially leading to signal loss or intermittent connections. Our rg58 n connectors and Micro RF Coaxial Connectors are designed to withstand vibrations, ensuring stable and reliable connections in demanding environments. The connectors feature robust construction and secure mating interfaces that effectively resist vibrations, providing uninterrupted signal transmission and minimizing the risk of signal disruptions. This makes rg58 n connectors and Micro RF Coaxial Connectors suitable for applications where anti-vibration performance is critical, such as transportation systems, industrial machinery, and ruggedized equipment.

4.Quality and Reliability

We prioritize quality and reliability in our manufacturing processes. Our rg58 n connectors and Micro RF Coaxial Connectors undergo rigorous testing and inspection to ensure they meet the highest standards. We utilize advanced manufacturing techniques and employ skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering connectors that exceed customer expectations. By adhering to stringent quality control measures, we guarantee that our rg58 n connectors and Micro RF Coaxial Connectors provide exceptional electrical performance, durability, and long-term reliability.

N male crimp for RG 58 Cable RF Coaxial Connectors

Teruilai P/N: N-J5YA Datasheet

RoHS Certificate: Compliant

Electrical data Requirments
Frequency range DC-6GHZ
Dieletric withstanding voltage1500V
Characteristic impedance 50Ω
Insulation Resistance ≧5000MΩ
Contact Resistance
.Center conductor ≦1.0mΩ
.Outer conductor ≦0.2mΩ
VSWR ≦1.20
Mechanical data Requirments
Durability (matings)≧500
Environmental dataRequirments
Temperature range -40℃ to 70℃
Material data Requirments
Connector parts Material Plating
Pin contacts brass /beryllium copper Gold plated
Insulators Teflon
Housing Brassnickel-plated
Coupling nut Brass nickel-plated

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