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high precision cable assemblyMicrowave Coaxial Cable AssembliesCable AssemblySMA Microwave ConnectorsPrecision Microwave Connectors1.85mm Microwave Connectors2.4mm Microwave Connectors2.92mm Microwave ConnectorsMicro RF Coaxial ConnectorsN RF ConnectorsN RF Surge ArrestorSMA N RF Fixed AttenuatorRF connector Eexhibition microwave connector milimeter-wave connector RF ConnectorBMA RF ConnectorPanel Mount Connector2 holes flange connector4 holes flange RF Connectorbnc rf connectorbnc female rf connectorBNC Bulkhead rf connectorL29 rf connector7/16 male connectorMCX RF CONNECTORMCX Female PCB connectorMHV rf connectorhigh voltages connectorsMHV Female Bulkhead ConnectorMMCX RF CONNECTORMMCX SURFACE CONNECTORMMCX Female PCB ConnectorN RF TerminationSMA RF TerminationN male TerminationN MALE 141 CABLELow loss cable connectorN Precision Connector N Female FlangeSHV RF Connector5kV SHV rf connectorSMA RF terminationrf coaxial terminationrf loadDummy loadSMA Military connectorsma fixed attenuatorFixed attenuatorsma precison fixed attenuatorSMA Stainless Steel RF connector Precision SMA ConnectorSMA Terminal RF ConnectorSMP RF Connectorsmp female connectorsmp cable connectorTNC RF ConnectorPrecision TNC rf connectortnc cable connectorTNC Female flange connectorTNC Male connectorTRB RF ConnectorTRB Cable connectorTRB terminal connectorTRB Adapter2.92 rf connector2.92 rf adaptor2.4mm adaptorsSMA adaptorsN RF Fixed Attenuatormicrowave connectors2.92mm SMA Microwave ConnectorSMA 4 holes flange 2.92mm 4 holes flange 2.92mm panel mount 2.92mm female 2 hole connector 2.4mm SMA microwave Connector2.4mm female 4 holes pannel mount2.4mm female flange connector sma 2 holes flange SMA Female ConnectorSMA RF Connector SMA PCB MOUNT SMA Connector bulkheadbnc connector BNC female bulkhead connectorN male connector N flange mount connector N female bulkhead N female Connector MCX PCB mount connector mcx female connectorBMA PLUG CONNECTORBMA flange mount connectorbma male connectorSHV bulkhead AdaptorSHV Female to female bulkheadTNC Male Connector ClampSMP Male Connector2.92mm SMA connector2.92mm plug to plug adaptor2.92mm adaptor2.92mm sma male to female adaptor4 holes flange panel mount adaptor2.92mm SMA RF adapter2.92mm female to female adapter2.92mm male to male adaptormilimeter-wave adaptor2.4mm male to male adaptorsma four holes flange adaptorSMA Female Adaptorsma dummy loadBNC Female RG 58 cable connector 2.4mm mircowave connector2.4mm male flange mount2.92MM male 141 cable 2.92mm female flange connectorBNC male crimp ConnectorBNC PCB MountBNC Male RG 58MCX Male Connector MCX Male 316 CableN male 141 cableBMA Flange mount bma male mount bma male RG 086 cable BMA 2 holes flange mount bma right angle connector bma RG 405 cable MHV Crimp connector MHV male RG 58 cable MMCX Female Connector SHV RF connector SHV male sky window connectorSHV male bulkhead ConnectorSHV male crimp SHV female crimp TNC male rf connectorTNC PCB mountTNC female bulkhead TNC male crimp connector UHF RF Connector UHF LMR 400 plug UHF female bulkheadUHF four holes flange UHF female connector UHF female crimp UHF female RG 316TRB RF ConnectorTRB male clampTRB male RG 316 cable1.85mm adaptor3.5MM RF ConnectorL29 Female RF Connector7/16 RF Connector7/16 female 4 holes flange connectorSMA female bulkhead ConnectorL29 male right angle connectorhigh frequency RF Connector2.92mm female bulkhead connector3.5MM male Connector MINI DIN RF CONNECTORN male crimp connector N female flange Connector N male crimp N MALE 086 CABLEN Male RG 316 cable N male clamp ConnectorN male right angle connectorN MALE RG 402SMB RF Connector SMB male 4 holes flange TNC TerminationTNC dummy loadN female bulkhead adaptor SMA female 086 cable connectorUHF male connector SMB male PCB mount connector SMB RG 405 connector 4 holes flange RF Coaxial Connector SMB male bulkhead connectorSMB right angle RF ConnectorSMB female RF connector SMB female pcb mount connectorSSMB RF Coaxial Connector SSMB MALE flange RF Connector SSMB female right angle 316 cableHigh frequencySMA connector for RG 316 CableSMA Mount RF connectorSMA connector terminalBNC male crimp RF Connector BNC Flange RG 58 cable connector BNC female crimp connectorUHF male RG214 ConnectorUHF plug RF ConnectorUHF male RG58 Connector UHF Male RG 213 Connector UHF Male crimp ConnectorUHF LMR 400 male Connector UHF female RF ConenctorUHF Female crimp connectorUHF female RG 174 ConnectorN male for RG58N straight RF connectorSMA right angle clamp ConnectorSMA female bulkhead skywindow connectorSMA female clamp N male connector for LMR 200cableSMA female bulkhead ConnectorSMA female 086 cableSHV female bulkhead RF ConenctorN female 141 cableN female crimp ConnectorN female RG 316 ConnectorN male bulkhead connectorN female flange ConnectorRF coaxial connector for 141 cableN female to female Adaptor RF coaxial connector for LMR 200 CableN female 086 cableN female for 5D-FB cableN connector terminal2.92mm plug to plug adapter2.92mm adapterSMA precision RF adapter2.92mm SMA male to female adapter2.4mm adaptersmilimeter-wave adapter2.4mm male to male adapterRF adapters1.85mm adaptersRF coaxial adaptersN female bulkhead adapterN female to female adapter3.5mm RF adapter3.5mm female to female adapterSMA RF adapterSMA plug adapterPrecision RF adapterSMA precision RF adapterSMA male adapterSMA 18Ghz adapterSMA right angle RF adapterSHV adapterSHV bulkhead adapterL29 male adapterSMA straight adapter4 holes flange panel mount adapter3.5MM male adapterBNC RF AdapterBNC male clamp Connector N precision adapterN double female adapterN 18Ghz adapterN stainless steel adapterN male to SMA female adapterN RF adapterN female to SMA female adapterN RF coax adapterN bulkhead adapterN female to TNC female adapterQMA connector QMA male connectorQMA connector for RG316QMA connector for RG174QMA RF coax connectorSMA male connectorSMA male for 086 cable connectorSMA RF coax connectorSMA connector for RG401 cableSMA male to 3.5mm male adapterSMA precision adapterSMA stainless steel adapterSMA male to 3.5mm female adapterSMA RF adapterSMA double male adapterSMA double PLUG adapterSMA male to female adapterSMA double female adapterSMA 4 holes flange adapterN male to BNC female adapterN female to SMA female adapter4 holes flange adapterN male to 3.5mm male adapterRF adapter 18Ghzmilimeter-wave adapterN male to 3.5mm female adapterprecision adapterstainless steel adapterN female to 3.5mm male adapterN double male adapterTNC connector for 1/2" flexible cableTNC right angle connectorRF coaxial connectorTNC male to SMA female adapterMINI DIN Adaptor N female connector 7/16 male connector BNC female bulkheadL29 RF AdapterTNC male LMR 400RPTNC female connector RPTNC right angle connectorTNC male RG174 N female bulkhead RF Connector N female RG 316 CABLE BNC RF Termination 50Ω Male Termination BNC 50Ω male Termination RF Termination male RF TerminationTNC double male adapterTNC RF AdapterBMA female RF ConnectorSMA male RF ConnectorBNC Male LMR 400N male to SMA female adapterRF coaxial adapterN to SMA adapterN double female adapterBNC male to SMA female adaptermale to female adapter TRB to BNC adapter BNC to SMA adapter TNC female connector50Ω female connectorTNC female crimpdummy loadfemale to male adapterTRB to BNC adapterN RF coaxial connectorN female connectorBMA male flange TNC 4 holes flange connectorTNC connector for RG316 cableN male flange ConnectorN male for RG58N female right angle connectorSSMP RF connectorSSMP for RG58 cableSSMP female RF connector4 holes flange RF connectorN female bulkhead N 50Ω RF connectorBNC female connectorBNC 4 holes flange for RG316 Cable ConnectorL29 female to N female adapterL29 AdapterQMA female bulkheadQMA crimpstainless steelTNC double female adapter TNC Adapter SHV female to BNC femaleBNC connector for terminalN connector for RG316 cableN connector crimpTRB RF coaxial adaptermale to male RF coaxial adapterN male straight RF connectorN male for 1/2"super flexible cableBNC connectors for RG316 cableBNC female skywindow connectorL29 male to N female adapterMHV RF connectorMHV adapterdouble female adapterMHV female to female adapter4 holes flange RF adapterBMA female to SMA female adapter2 holes flange RF adapterTNC female to SMA female adapterTNC for RG58 BNC female to female adapter4 holes flange skywindow N connector for RG142 cableconnector for LMR240 cablemini BNC male connectormale right angle connector crimpconnector for terminalL29 female connectorBNC female connector BNC connector crimpN connector for 1.13 cableN connector for 141 cableN RF Fixed AttenuatorSMA Male connector for BT3200 SMA Female Bulkhead for PCBRPSMA Female bulkhead connectorRPSMA connector for RG58 cableRPSMA ConnectorSMC Female connector SMC Connector for RG316/RG174 cableSMC Female R/A Connector SMA male connector for LMR200 cableSMA Female Flange Conn. TerminalSMA Female Conn. End LaunchSMA Female Flange Conn. mountSMA connector for RG316MCX connector for 086 cableMCX female connectorfor RG1.13mm/1.37mm cable SMC Connectorsky windowRPSMA Female Conn. PCBSMA conn. for 141 Cable RPSMA male for RG58 CableSSMA Male R/A Conn. for 086/405 CableRG316 CableBNC RG316BNC male rf connector CXN3507 CABLEBNC Male Armor ConnectorMale for R/G RG405MCX CONNECTOR MMCX male connector RG178 CABLE N Female for RG58female for rg405 cable 4 hole flangeN-type male connector7/8 cable clamp 1/2 cable clampN Female for RG400TRC 1.5 CABLEconnector for PCB MountBNC/TRB TriaxialTRT male connectorTNC/TRT MaleTRX Male Connectormale connector BNC Male to Femalebnc attenuator40 dB Fixed AttenuatorRF Fixed AttenuatorsSMA attenuator1.85 male to male2.4 MALE CABLE RF Coaxial Terminationsfemale to SMP female RG316 Crimp4.3-10 connector 1/2 cableQSMA ConnectorsRG58 CABLEN Male for 5D-FB CableRPTNC forLMR400 Cable1.85mm female to 3.5mm4.3-10 adaptersUHF AdaptersLMR300 CablePrecision Connector1.85mm male connector2.4mm Male Connector2.92mm female flange connectorSMB AdaptersSMB male Flange connectorRPSMA Male connectorLMR400 CABLERG174 CABLESMP CONNECTORSMP female right angelRG405 Cable1.85 male to 2.92 male 1.85 male to 2.92 femaleStainless steel connectorRPSMA CONNECTOR MINI BNC ConnectorL29 RF Adapter5D-FB Cable CrimpMHV RF Adapter75Ω RF AdapterN Male for RG58 CableN male flange for RG1423.5mm Connector RG179 CableBNC AdaptersRPSMA TerminationRPTNC male connectorTNC Female to MCXSHV male to maleISMA ConnectorISMA male Connector ISMA female connectorSSMA female connectorfemale flange mountMMCX male connectorMale to Female AdapterRPSMA Adapter2.92 Fixed AttenuatorSMZ CONNECTORUHF/BNC AdapterF male connectorRPMCX Connector75Ω Connector SSMA male connectorSSMA male adapterSMA/SMP AdapterSMP ConnectorSAA ConnectorsFemale Connectorsma to mcx adapterSMA/MMCX AdaptersSMA/SMB AdaptersTNC/SMA AdaptersBMA TerminationDust CapBMA male Connector UHF to RPSMASMA to SMP ssma connectorRPTNC Male Connector