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Introduction to MMCX RF Connectors Features, Trends, and Applications
 Jan 06, 2022|View:615

MMCX RF Connectors are electromechanical components that connect electrical lines to make the electrical connection or disconnection of the transmission line, belonging to a more complex failure mechanism of a mechatronic product. RF coaxial connectors are also known as RF connectors. "R" is the first letter of RADIO (radio), "F" is the first letter of FREQUENCY (frequency).

MMCX RF Connectors

MMCX RF Connectors are often considered to be a component that is mounted on a cable or installed on an instrument as an electrical connection or separation of transmission lines. It is a mechatronic product. In simple terms it acts as a bridge.

Professional characteristics of MMCX RF Connectors.

(1) a wide variety of specifications

(2) rely on the mechanical structure to ensure that the electrical characteristics of mechatronic products, and other low-frequency connectors are essentially different.

(3) parts processing is mainly turning machine processing, assembly manual work, it is difficult to automate the assembly.

(4) Slow product updates.

(5) is an important part of the electrical connector, belongs to a certain technical content of labor-intensive products.

(6) Product reliability, failure modes and failure mechanisms are complex.

The development trend of MMCX RF Connectors

(1) miniaturization

With the miniaturization of the whole system, RF connectors are becoming smaller and smaller, such as SSMB, MMCX and other series, the volume is very small.

(2)High frequency


In addition to the role of the bridge, both processing signal functions, such as filtering, phasing, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting, etc.

(4) low standing wave, low loss

Meet the needs of weapons systems and precision measurement.

(5) large capacity, high power

Micro RF Coaxial Connectors

Mainly to meet the development needs of the information superhighway.

The main applications of MMCX RF Connectors.

1、Communications, communications and networks

Including satellite communications, radar, aircraft, long-distance telecommunications, various microwave relay stations, cell phones, cell phone base stations, TV signals.


Including robotic microwave scalpel, pathology graphic imaging system, microwave radiation therapy instrument, etc.

3、Traffic monitoring system

4、Seed irradiation equipment, harmless treatment equipment of farming waste, etc.

5、Remote sensing and telemetry

Radio telescope, space station telemetry equipment.

6, instrumentation

In short, because of the MMCX RF Connectors products and technical characteristics, can be widely used in automotive, information and communication, communications, broadcasting, security systems, civil aviation, communications networks, consumer electronics, defense and military, instrumentation testing, medical, aerospace, transportation, antennas, microwave components, RF microwave switches and other occasions and equipment.