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N RF Fixed Attenuator on several parameters
 Mar 26, 2022|View:598

N RF Fixed Attenuatoris a kind of Attenuator that provides Attenuator. It is widely used in electronic devices. It is a circuit used to introduce a predetermined Attenuator within a specified frequency range. He has a few common parameters in the purchase or use of all need to understand, today to explain to you.

N RF Fixed Attenuator

1. Frequency Response: that is, frequency bandwidth, generally expressed in MHz or GHz. The Universal N RF Fixed Attenuator typically has a bandwidth of about 5 GHz and a maximum of 50 GHz.

2. Attenuation range and structure:N RF Fixed Attenuator has a attenuation range of 3 db, 10 db, 14 db and 20 db, with a maximum of 110 db. Its attenuation formula is: 10lg (input/output) , example: 10dB representation: input: output = attenuation factor = 10x.

N RF Fixed Attenuator

3. Joint type and joint size:There are BNC type, N-type, TNC type, SMA type, SMC type, and so on.The connection size is divided into metric and British system, above according to the use of the requirements of the decision; if the connection type of diverse needs connection, can be used with the corresponding connection transfer head, for example, BNC TO N-type head.

4. Attenuation metrics:The attenuation index of n RF Fixed Attenuator has many requirements, such as attenuation precision, withstanding power, characteristic impedance, reliability, repeatability, and so on.