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What is an TNC RF Connectors
 Jun 22, 2022|View:529

TNC RF Connectors are usually attached to equipment or cables, and detachable elements are used for electrical connection of transmission line systems. It can be seen that TNC RF Connectors have the"Detachable element" as a common feature of the connector.

TNC RF Connectors

The main categories of TNC RF Connectors and the use of TNC RF Connectors:

RF coaxial connectors, RF tri-coaxial connectors and dual-core symmetric TNC RF Connectors are the main categories of TNC RF Connectors. Its main uses are as follows:

1. For occasions with higher shielding efficiency requirements, transmission pulse wave or transmission transverse electromagnetic wave (TEM wave) is the main use of RF triaxial connectors
2. The function of RF coaxial connector is to transmit transverse electromagnetic wave (TEM wave) ;

3. The main use of dual-core symmetrical TNC RF Connectors is for transmitting low-speed digital signals.

In addition, the main performance parameters of RF coaxial connectors include characteristic echo loss, operating frequency, impedance, RF leakage, isolation, insertion loss, third-order intermodulation, phase consistency and so on.

Common materials and coatings for TNC RF Connectors.

Components such as inner conductor, outer conductor and insulating support medium make up TNC RF Connectors. The common materials of TNC RF Connectors are:
1. Inner Conductor: silver plating on copper alloy and gold plating on copper alloy;
2, external conductor: copper alloy plating gold, stainless steel passivation, copper alloy plating ternary alloy, etc.
Insulating and supporting media: PEI, PTFE, LCP, etc.
These are the main categories of TNC RF Connectors and their uses. If you are interested or want to know more about TNC RF Connectors, you can follow us.