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The classification of BNC RF Connectors
 Sep 02, 2022|View:519

There are many types of BNC RF Connectors, and they are classified according to how they work. Here's a look at the classification of BNC RF Connectorsby interface structure and size.

BNC RF Connectorsare classified by connection interface structure:

Threaded connections: use series such as SMC, SMA, TNC, N, UHF, 7/16, and 4.1/9.5 for test equipment, military, and telecommunications equipment.

Bayonet type: use series such as BNC, and MHV, used in reliable connection and rapid plug-and-pull, mostly used in test equipment and military equipment.

Push-in type: allows very fast connection and separation, structural features are reliable, commonly used in small connectors, such as the MCX, and SMB series.

Push-in self-locking: unique self-locking mode, very reliable, usually in high-density according to the small connectors, such as 1.0/2.3,1.6/5.6 series, plug-and-pull fast and reliable lock.

Slide-in type: used in different DIN multi-terminal connectors, commonly used for PCB connections.

BNC RF connectors

BNC RF Connectorsare categorized by size:

Standard: UHF, N, 7/16,7 mm.

Small: BNC, TNC.

Ultraminiature: SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, BMA, SAA, 3.5 mm.

Miniature: SSMA, SSMB, MMCX, 2.4 mm, k (2.92 mm) , 1.85 mm, 1 mm.

The above is the classification of BNC RF connectors. If you need BNC RF connectors, please contact us.Teruilai Electronics Co., Ltd is an professional designer&manufacturer for RF Microwave Solutionssince 2008.