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SMB RF Connectors need to pay attention to the use of details when connecting cables
 Dec 01, 2022|View:503

With the development of social technology, SMB RF Connectors because of their small size, high mechanical strength, high durability, good electrical performance, and other advantages, are widely used in microwave communications, aerospace navigation, instrumentation, and other fields. SMB RF Connectors as one of the precision instruments, in use, should also be used carefully, not only to extend their service life but also for the subsequent use of the connection to bring convenience. This article will explain in detail for you to SMB RF Connectors connection cable when you need to pay attention to the details of use.

SMB RF Connectors

1. Do not use pliers to fix the SMB RF Connectors.

Almost every size of RF connector has a suitable wrench, of course, this refers to the hexagonal nut of the plug, while the round nut can only be installed and removed by hand. Neither sharp-nosed pliers nor vise pliers can grasp the correct torque of the connector and can damage it. A torque wrench should be used to tighten the connector.

2. Follow the barrel principle and use SMB RF Connectors and cables that meet the test requirements.

Whenever possible, do not use RF adapters and test cables much higher than the current test frequency. For example, when testing spurious signals from cellular base stations (this test usually requires up to 12.75GHz), use test cables and adapters with SMA interfaces at 18GHz instead of cables and adapters with 2.92mm interfaces at 40GHz.

3. Do not use the SMB RF Connectors in calibration for general testing. The typical value of return loss of these precision adapters is less than the test standard, and they should only be used for straight-through calibration of parameter measurement, do not use them for the adapter in the standard test.

4. Master the correct operating position. When pulling off the test cable assembly from the instrument, be sure to grab on the connector, never grab on the root of the cable and pull it outward, which can easily cause the failure of the cable and connector connection.

5. Put a protective cap on the linker. Those connectors with external threads are easily worn. If they are accidentally dropped on the ground, the lines are easily deformed. Therefore, it is best to put a plastic protective cap on the connector after use, which can also play the role of dustproof.

6. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the RF connector. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the connector, but do not use the cotton swab to clean the inner conductor of the air dielectric connector.

The above is about SMB RF Connectors in the connection of the cable needs to pay attention to the use of details, if you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!