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How the SMB RF Connectors implement filtering
 Jan 28, 2023|View:410

SMB RF Connectors are installed on the cable or equipment for the transmission line system of detachable components, SMB RF Connectors and coaxial cable, and microstrip line connection, to achieve the transmission line electrical connection, separation, or different types of transmission line transfer of the original, belongs to the mechatronics products, play a bridge role. It is not only widely used in automotive, information and communication, communication broadcasting, communication networks, instrumentation testing, medical, aerospace, transportation, and antennas, but also used in security systems, civil aviation, microwave components, RF microwave switches, consumer electronics, national defense and military and other occasions and equipment.

SMB RF Connectors

1. SMB RF Connectors' mechanical properties.

The manufacturing process of various component processing methods determines the mechanical and electrical properties of SMB RF Connectors. In consideration of mechanical properties and the number and scale of production. On the other hand, the smaller the SMB RF Connectors, the more difficult it is to manufacture, the higher the manufacturing cost, and the worse the accuracy and error. The demand for small, excellent, inexpensive electronic components will increase in the future of industrial applications.

2. RF connectors and how to achieve filtering.

The filter applied to the SMB RF Connectors is a filter circuit composed of capacitors, inductors, and resistors. The filter can filter out the effectiveness of the frequency of the specified frequency in the power line or the frequency outside the frequency to obtain a power signal of the specified frequency or to clear the power signal after a specified frequency.

A SAW filter is known as the sound surface wave filter, mainly using a quartz crystal, piezoelectric ceramic, and other piezoelectric materials as raw materials, using its piezoelectric effect and the physical properties of the sound surface wave propagation and making a special filter type of device, used in television and VCR IF circuit to replace the LC IF filter, so that the image, sound quality greatly improved. Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) is an elastic wave that is generated and propagated on the surface of a piezoelectric substrate material, and the amplitude decreases rapidly with the depth of the substrate material.

The SAW filter consists of a substrate made of piezoelectric material and a comb-shaped electrode fired on it. When a signal is an input to the large end of the SAW filter, a mechanical vibration wave with the same frequency as the applied signal is generated on the surface of the piezoelectric material in the electrode division. The vibration wave propagates at an acoustic rate on the surface of the piezoelectric substrate. When the acoustic wave is output, the transducer formed by the comb electrode at the output end converts the acoustic energy into a variable electrical signal.

3. SMB RF Connectors features.

(1) wide varieties of specifications.

(2) product updates slowly.

(3) Product reliability, failure mode, and failure mechanism are complex.

(4) rely on the mechanical structure to ensure the electrical characteristics of electromechanical products.

(5) Turning machine processing and assembly manual work, it isn't easy to carry out the automated assembly.

4. SMB RF Connectors selection.

(1) interface mechanism type.

RF connector connection mechanism provides a convenient and fast connection or separation of coaxial transmission lines and provides stable electrical performance and environmental protection devices.

(2) Electrical performance aspects.

Characteristic impedance, withstand voltage, and maximum efficiency.

(3) Termination method.

SMB RF connectors can be used for RF coaxial cables, printed circuit boards, frame drawer-type functional components, and connection interfaces.

The above is about how the SMB RF Connectors achieve the relevant filtering knowledge. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!