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What are the advantages of MCX RF Connectors?
 Jul 28, 2022|View:469

MCX RF Connectors are one of the less popular types of coaxial Connectors designed to deliver better performance for smaller RF Connectors. Its full name is Mirco Coaxial. So what are the good things about it?

The MCX RF Connectors are ultra-small in size, light in weight, and compact in construction. They are generally used in small communication devices.

Push-in coupling mode, suitable for rapid plug and pull.

MCX RF Connectors

MCX RF Connectors have the following advantages.

The MCX RF Connectors are manufactured to international standards MIL-C-39012 and CECC22120 and IEC 60169-8. The product design is reasonable and compact, which can reduce the occupied space.

MCX RF Connectors are at least 30% smaller in size and lighter in weight than insulator smbs with the same center pin size.

MCX RF Connectors plug-in interface, very suitable for rapid plug-and-play use, easy and fast.

MCX RF Connectors have high-cost performance, excellent broadband performance, and low reflectivity, stable performance.

As a result, you can see that MCX RF Connectors are widely used in telecommunications systems and wireless and GPS applications. Provide secure links to equipment.

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