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SMA Connectors

We specialize in providing high-quality right angle sma connector.Our 50 ohm termination sma and sma 2.92 offer high precision, versatility, and wide applicability. Designed for optimal impedance matching,50 ohm termination sma and sma 2.92 ensure reliable and accurate signal transmission in various industries, including telecommunications, aerospace, and wireless communication systems. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of right angle sma connectors and experience the quality and versatility they offer.

SMA RF Connectors are a widely used semi-precision, ultra-miniature RF and microwave connector, especially suitable for RF connections in electronic systems with frequencies up to 18 GHz and beyond.SMA RF Connectors are available in a variety of forms, male, female, straight, right angle, bulkhead fittings, etc., making it possible to meet most requirements.SMA RF Connectors' ultra-small size also allows it to be used, even in relatively small electronic devices.