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N Male Right Angle Clamp for RG 213 Cable RF Coaxial Connector
n type male connector,rg213 n connector

N Male Right Angle Clamp for RG 213 Cable RF Coaxial Connector

Our rg213 n connector is a high-performance n type male connector that offers excellent vibration resistance, high reliability, and superior electrical performance. Rg213 n connector is designed to meet the demands of critical applications that require stable and reliable connections.For customers seeking a reliable and durable n type male connector, the rg213 n connector is an ideal choice. Contact us today to inquire about our RG213 N type male connectors for sale and discover how our n type male connector can meet your specific needs.

N connector is one kind of screw-coupling middle-power coaxial connector up to 11GHZ and some versions can be extended to 18GHZ. It has great performance of vibration-proof, high reliablity and super electrical properties, widely used in communication applications.Concerning the cable links, clamp, crimp and solder types are all available.
Product Detail

We are a leading manufacturer of RF Coaxial Connectors, specializing in providing high-quality n type male connectors for various applications. Our product range includes the rg213 n connector, engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability. With its excellent vibration resistance, high reliability, and superior electrical performance, our n type male connector stands out as a top choice in the industry.


The rg213 n connector boasts several key features that make it a preferred connector for demanding applications.Rg213 n connector's outstanding vibration resistance ensures stable and reliable connections, even in harsh environments where vibrations are prevalent. This feature makes it ideal for applications in industries such as aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and broadcasting.

2.High Reliability

At our company, we prioritize reliability, and the rg213 n connector is no exception.RG213 n connector is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet stringent quality standards, ensuring consistent performance over an extended lifespan. This n type male connector's reliability is critical for applications that require uninterrupted signal transmission and minimal downtime.

3.Superior Electrical Performance

The RG213 n connector excels in electrical performance, providing low insertion loss and excellent return loss characteristics. This translates to efficient signal transmission with minimal signal degradation, ensuring optimal signal integrity and high-quality connections.RG213 n connector's superior electrical performance makes it suitable for applications that demand precise and reliable signal transmission, such as RF testing, telecommunications, and high-frequency data transmission.

4.Wide Application Range

Due to its versatile design and robust performance, the RG213 N type male connector finds applications in various industries and sectors. It is commonly used in RF communication systems, wireless infrastructure, satellite communications, and industrial equipment. This rg213 n connector is compatible with the RG213 coaxial cable, which is known for its durability and superior signal transmission capabilities.

N Male Right Angle Clamp for RG 213 Cable RF Coaxial Connector

Teruilai P/N: N-JW213A Outline Drawing.pdf

RoHS Certificate: Compliant

Electrical data Requirments
Frequency range DC-11GHZ
Dieletric withstanding voltage1500V
Characteristic impedance 50Ω
Insulation Resistance ≧5000MΩ
Contact Resistance
.Center conductor ≦1.0mΩ
.Outer conductor ≦0.2mΩ
VSWR ≦1.20
Mechanical data Requirments
Durability (matings)≧500
Environmental dataRequirments
Temperature range -55℃ to 155℃
Material data Requirments
Connector parts Material Plating
Pin contacts brassgolden plated
Insulators teflon
Gasket Silicon rubber
Hex nutbrassnickel-plated

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