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2.92mm Female RF Connector
RF Connector 2.92 Female PCB Mount

2.92mm Female RF Connector

Micro RF Coaxial Connector 2.92mm female (jack) 2 holes flange millimeter-wave connector.
They have the advantages of small size, lightweight, high frequency, and super reliability, widely used in the modern precision measurement and microwave communication equipment. The frequency range can be up to 40Ghz.
Product Detail

2.92mm Female RF Connector

Teruilai P/N: 2.92-KHD

RoHS Certificate: Compliant

Electrical data Requirments
Frequency range DC-40GHZ
Dieletric withstanding voltage≧750V
Characteristic impedance 50Ω
Insulation Resistance ≧5000MΩ
Contact Resistance

.Center conductor ≦4.0mΩ
.Outer conductor ≦2.0mΩ
VSWR ≦1.30:1

Mechanical data Requirments
Durability (matings)≧500

Environmental dataRequirments
Temperature range -45℃ to 125℃

Material data Requirments
Connector parts Material Plating
Pin contacts Beryllium-Copper Gold
Insulators PEI &Teflon

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